Electronic Rangefinder 1.8-inch VA LCD Screen Digital Angle Finder 0-199.999 Meters 200mAh Battery Powered Cube Inclinometer Woodworking Measuring Tool digital ruler DCGL58


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  • Wide Measurement Range: This electronic tape measure has a measurement range of 0-199.999 meters, which can meet your basic measurement needs.
  • Digital display: 1.8-inch VA LCD screen with 4H ultra hard organic glass. The digital display is clear and easy to read, the measurement data is clear at a glance, and the unit display can be switched.
  • Battery Life: The electronic tape measure adopts an ultra-low power semiconductor microprocessor to achieve longer standby time and battery life. Up to 6 hours of battery life without frequent charging.
  • Durable: This tape has a compact structure and can be used in environments ranging from -10 u00b0 C to 50 u00b0 C, and can be carried with you.
  • Multi functional: measure any curve, irregular object, cylindrical diameter, etc. Human waist, customized clothing, children’s toys, bizarre shapes, and pipe diameters.