Cable Stripper Automatic Wire Stripper With Blade Plastic Pliers Length Limiter Multifunctional Removal Cable Stripper Electrician Tools Wire strippers


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  • Easy Stripping and Durable: This tool offers easy wire stripping and is built to last, providing longevity and reliability in wire stripping tasks.
  • Versatile Wire Stripping: Suitable for stripping individual plastic or rubber insulated cables and wires ranging from 0.08-6mmu00b2, making it ideal for various wire stripping needs.
  • Automatic Stripping Diameter Adjustment: Automatically adjust the stripping diameter for different wire cross-sections, ensuring accurate and efficient wire stripping.
  • Steel Wire Cutters and Multi-Core Support: Equipped with steel wire cutters for copper and aluminum wires, capable of handling multi-core wires up to 6mmu00b2 in diameter.
  • Replaceable Blades and Shock-Resistant Design: Features easily replaceable blades, plastic jaw grips, and a length limiter for added convenience.