1L Electric Gooseneck Kettle Teapot with Stainless Steel Inner Liner and Cover, Hot Water Boiler Heater Black+wood grain EU Plug


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  • Temperature Control: Utilizes accurate NTC temperature sensing combined with intelligent temperature control chip for temperature control.
  • Quiet Boiling: Features a 3.0mm thick heat-conducting aluminum plate and variable frequency heating for near-silent boiling operation.
  • All 304 Stainless Steel Construction: Stainless steel inner pot and lid ensure healthy, tasteless boiling water; high-gloss inner surface is easy to clean and resistant to scale buildup.
  • Multi-Functional: Offers temperature adjustment, temperature maintenance, insulation, timing function, and temperature switching capabilities.
  • Kettle Memory Function: Automatically recalls the last set command when filling or pouring water, reducing the need for manual reconfiguration.