Bags Vacuum Sealing Machine Food Sealer Vacuum Sealer Safe Protection Automatic Food Vacuum Sealing Machine Compact Portable Powerful Suction Air Sealing System White


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  • Easy and Portable: Our vacuum sealer features one-touch operation and two sealing modes, allowing you to seal items individually or vacuum seal milk, snacks, and more in vacuum bags with ease.
  • Enhanced Safety: The sealer is equipped with a safety mechanism that halts operation if the heating strip temperature becomes too high, prolonging the motor’s lifespan and ensuring user safety.
  • Easy to Clean and Store: The detachable top body of the automatic sealer can be twisted off for convenient cleaning with a paper towel or cloth dipped in a cleaning solution (avoid washing the machine).
  • Heat Sealing and Strong Vacuum: Featuring a powerful motor, our vacuum sealer can reach a vacuum pressure of 60kpa in just 22 seconds, ensuring airtight seals with its 11-inch-long heating strip to prevent leaks during compression.
  • Food Preservation: Our vacuum sealer effectively extends the shelf life of food, keeping your meals as fresh as the day you packaged them. it can prevent motor damage by expelling liquid during the process if the bag is overloaded.