The one who uses these words in the real estate advertisement wins!


“Keywords” have the power to accelerate sales and increase rentals for real estate consultants. If the properties in your portfolio have features that meet these  special words, do not hesitate to use them when preparing a property advertisement. It may not only be included in the real estate advertisement; You can also use it when you communicate with your customers.

These words, which will have a strong impact on your customers, will increase the number of views of your real estate ad, and accelerate the decision of those who want to buy or rent a house.



earn in real estate ads!

Here are words that make real estate consultants sell and rent more when used in a real estate announcement!..


1. Prestigious location
Another detail as important as the house is the location of the house to live in! How close is the house you are going to sell to public transportation vehicles, or are there any hospitals, schools, shopping centers, etc. in its immediate vicinity? It is necessary to express these advantages while researching and explaining the house for sale to the potential buyer. For this reason, the definition of “prestigious location” is among the words that accelerate sales. The prestigious location also represents a home with a high investment value and a profitable one…


2. Ready to move
If there is a real estate ad that is suitable for immediate living, phone calls and WhatsApp messages for your ad will accelerate as soon as you specify “ready to move”. It is a very magical definition, especially for those looking for a rental house.


3. Luxury
The word “luxury” carries the signals of the comfort that the house will offer and the quality materials it has (doors, windows, floors, built-in appliances, etc.). At the same time, the high sale or rental price is not too disturbing in an advertisement with the word “luxury”.


4. Close to school
Here is one of the most powerful keywords in real estate ads; “close to school”! If the house in your ad is close to the school, highlighting this feature will appeal to more than one customer profile: Those who want to make a premium real estate investment, university students, families with children. For families with children, places with schools in the immediate vicinity make it easier to choose a neighborhood. At the same time, the presence of a university near the house to be purchased is of particular importance for those who will own a house for the purpose of real estate investment.

Those who will buy a house to earn rental income, have a higher chance of finding a tenant when they invest in a house around the university. Homes in neighborhoods around a school always tend to increase in value, even if they are not considered for rent.


5. No Expense
Real estate ads with “no cost” in the title are quite remarkable for those who are looking for a rental house. This word connotes a house in question that has been cleaned, painted and whitewashed, the kitchen and bathroom cabinets are intact, and the doors are renewed.


6. Near the park
A house “near the park” is a great opportunity for families with children, retirees, pet owners and those who want to do sports outside after work. If the residence is within walking distance of the park in your ad, make sure to use this definition.

7. “Turnkey”, which is frequently mentioned in turnkey real estate projects, is actually a word that is not said in vain. If the housing project is really ready to move in, don’t hesitate to write or say the word “turnkey”!


8. Wide
Another word that attracts those who want to buy a house is “wide”. Because we all dream of a large house!


9. Fascinating landscape
Contrary to the word “beautiful”, “enchanting” has the effect of a richer and more attractive definition for buyers. It is also less open to interpretation. Everything can be seen as “beautiful”, but “charming” is a high bar. If a house or plot of land with a truly stunning view is in your portfolio, take advantage of the power of this special word.


10. Renovated
A refurbished house may find a higher price than similar apartments in the same area. Most buyers accept the impact of home renovations on the rental or sale price before they even see the home. Especially for those who cannot find the opportunity to live in the residences in the new projects, “renovated” houses are the reason for preference.



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