Night Light Indoor Room Decor Lights Music Background LED Light Christmas Party Lights For Indoor Room Dance Floor Parties Christmas Holiday Kids Room Decorations black


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  • Easy and Convenient: Wireless connect to your phone for easy and convenient music playback using your preferred settings.
  • Clear and Bright Imaging Projector: The Night Light supports projecting clear movie discs. Adjust the focus by rotating the lens for a sharper, colorful display.
  • Versatile for Various Settings: Choose your favorite scenes with the ambiance light, offering a new experience for both children and adults.
  • Quiet and Smart Timer: Ideal for accompanying your sleep with noise-free, simulated starry scenes to create a peaceful sleep environment. Set the timer according to your needs.
  • Newly Upgraded Projector: With clear imaging that fully covers your walls and ceiling, easily adjust for bedroom, living room, game room, home theater, date nights, Christmas, parties, and more.