LED Outdoor Flashlight Lamp High Lumens Car Warning Light IPX8 Waterproof Flashlight TYPE-C Charging Interface USB-C Output For Home Outdoor Camping Fishing T-15 (small size 2600mAh) 222g


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  • Wide 30m Floodlight Range: Illuminate large areas for outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, and exploration, meeting various lighting needs.
  • Technological Outdoor Experience: Ideal for outdoor activities such as adventure, camping, trekking, lighting, and watching, integrating multiple functions for a worthwhile experience.
  • Advanced Handheld Features: Strong magnet, core chip, transparent casing, reinforced waterproofing, charging port, power output, silicone switch pad, reinforced tail cap, and lotus window breaker for added convenience.
  • Three Style Options: Patented and certified (China, US, EU, Japan, Korea), with different battery capacities and lighting modes including mosquito repellent and flashing alerts.
  • Primary Function: Torchlight with diverse features for customizable illumination. ecurely attaches like hands to metal surfaces without worry of detachment due to shaking or movement.