Cable Stripper, Wire Stripper Tool with Adjustable Cutting Depth, Rotating Blade Body, Removal Round Cable Stripper


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  • Versatile Cable Sheath Stripper: Designed for disassembly, this product is ideal for removing cable sheaths made of PVC, rubber, silicone, or PTFE on various single-core or multi-core cables.
  • Efficient Cable Sheath Removal: This tool is specifically designed to strip cable sheaths from a range of cables, simplifying the process of working with cables.
  • Rotating Blade for Precision: With a rotating blade, the tool can switch from circular cutting to longitudinal cutting, offering versatility in cable sheath removal.
  • Adjustable Cutting Depth: Equipped with a knurled nut, the tool allows for easy adjustment of cutting depth, ensuring efficient cable sheath stripping.
  • Wide Stripping Range: This cable sheath stripper has a stripping range of 4.5-25mm, making it suitable for various cable sizes and applications.