Astronaut Projector Star Projector Wide-Angle Projection Lamp with 9 Light Effects, Night Light for Kids Light Projector


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  • Wide-Angle Adjustable Projection Lamp – Equipped with a wide-angle adjustable focus projection lamp and 12 high-definition 4K film sheets that can be easily interchanged for projection.
  • Immersive High-Definition Projection – Experience the mystery of the vast universe indoors with the ultra-large range and high-definition projection effect provided by this product.
  • Magnetic Absorption Design for Multi-Angle Projection – Featuring a magnetic absorption design, users can enjoy multi-angle projection for a more versatile and customizable viewing experience.
  • Integrated Ultrasonic Technology for Durable Film Sheets – The film sheets are crafted using integrated ultrasonic technology for waterproofing, ensuring durability and longevity for prolonged use.
  • Dual Functionality with Night Light Feature – This product doubles as a night light with 9 exquisite light effects to choose from, providing users with both projection entertainment and ambient lighting options.