Melbourne’s Marvelous Weekend: 7 Unique Things to Do in the World’s Most Livable City

Melbourne, Australia, is a vibrant and bustling city that is full of excitement, culture, and entertainment. Whether you are a local or a tourist, there are plenty of things to do in Melbourne every weekend. Here are some unique ideas for things to do in Melbourne this weekend.

  1. Visit the Queen Victoria Market
    The Queen Victoria Market is a must-visit destination in Melbourne. It is one of the largest open-air markets in the Southern Hemisphere, and it is full of unique stalls selling everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts. You can spend hours wandering through the market, trying delicious food, and picking up souvenirs.
  2. Explore the Street Art
    Melbourne is famous for its street art scene, and there are countless murals and graffiti art scattered throughout the city. Take a walking tour of the city’s laneways and discover some of the most beautiful and thought-provoking pieces of street art. The Hosier Lane and AC/DC Lane are popular spots for street art lovers.
  3. Visit the Melbourne Museum
    The Melbourne Museum is a great place to spend a day learning about the city’s history and culture. The museum has a wide range of exhibits, including a gallery dedicated to the Aboriginal culture, a section on Melbourne’s history, and a gallery of natural history. The museum is also home to the IMAX cinema, which features 3D movies on a giant screen.
  4. Watch a Game of Footy
    Australian Rules Football, also known as “footy,” is a unique and exciting sport that is a huge part of Melbourne’s culture. The season runs from March to September, and there are plenty of games to watch every weekend. Head to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and experience the excitement of a footy match first-hand.
  5. Take a St. Kilda Beach Walk
    St. Kilda Beach is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Take a leisurely walk along the beachfront, stop for a coffee at one of the many cafes, and enjoy the stunning views of Port Phillip Bay. You can also visit the iconic St. Kilda Pier and see the Little Penguin colony that calls it home.
  6. Visit the National Gallery of Victoria
    The National Gallery of Victoria is the oldest and largest public art museum in Australia. The gallery has an extensive collection of art from around the world, including works by Australian artists and European masters. The gallery also hosts temporary exhibitions throughout the year, so there is always something new to see.
  7. Go to a Rooftop Bar
    Melbourne has some of the best rooftop bars in the world, and they are a great place to spend a warm weekend evening. Enjoy a cocktail and take in the stunning views of the city skyline from one of the many rooftop bars, such as Naked in the Sky, Madame Brussels, or Rooftop Bar & Cinema.

Whether you want to explore the city’s history and culture, enjoy the vibrant food and drink scene, or simply relax on the beach, Melbourne has something for everyone. So, get out there and make the most of your weekend in this amazing city.

Author: Mr.Oz

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