Hidden Oasis: Melbourne’s ‘Most Private’ Home Sells for Under $2 Million

🏡 Exciting news from Melbourne! A truly tranquil and private home has found its new owner. Located at 30 Dickens Street in Blackburn, Victoria, this stunning four-bedroom, two-bathroom property has just sold for just under $2 million. 😍✨


Listed by Daniel Bullen and Samantha Pascoe of Jellis Craig Whitehorse, this architectural gem offers a unique sense of privacy. You won’t find any visible windows from the street; instead, the majority of the windows are strategically placed at the rear of the house. 🌳🏞️


As you approach the property, you’ll be greeted by a sprawling driveway surrounded by lush landscaping, adding to the serene atmosphere. It’s no wonder this home is being hailed as one of Melbourne’s ‘most private’ residences. 🤫💫


Congratulations to the lucky buyer who will now enjoy the tranquility and beauty of this exceptional home.

Author: Mr.Oz

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