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Let's Support Bonza Airlines: A Call to Action

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Great news for Bonza Airlines! The Federal Court of Australia has granted an extension until July 29, giving the airline more time to find potential buyers and secure a better future for its 300 employees left in limbo since flights were halted on April 30.


Why This Matters:

- Employee Welfare: Around 300 former Bonza employees have been unpaid and unable to access state aid. This extension provides a chance to protect their rights and secure their livelihoods.

- Valuable AOC: Bonza’s Aviation Operating Certificate (AOC) is crucial for attracting buyers. Keeping the AOC active can significantly improve the situation for employees and creditors.

- Future Prospects: Hall Chadwick, the appointed administrator, is in discussions with about 20 potential investors. Avoiding liquidation can provide a better outcome for all stakeholders.


How You Can Help:

- Spread the Word: Join the "Bring Bonza Back" campaign to keep public awareness and support alive.

- Show Support: Express your support on social media and forums to encourage potential investors to step forward.


Together, we can help secure a brighter future for Bonza Airlines and its dedicated employees. Let's rally behind them and show that we care.


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