Wire Stripper Quick Copper Electric Cable Demolisher Adjustable Manual Stripping Clip Pliers Portable Cutting Crimping Tool For 24 AWG (3/64″”)-0 AWG (7/16″”) Strip Orange


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  • –Wide Range of Aperture Sizes: This universal handheld wire stripper offers 14 different aperture sizes, accommodating various strip sizes and styles, from 24 AWG(3/64′) to 0 AWG (7/16′), solid or twisted wires.
  • –Easy Blade Replacement: Easily swap out blades with the quick stripper, allowing for convenient maintenance in just three simple steps: locating the screw, releasing it, and removing the blade.
  • –Portable and Compact: Featuring a compact structure, this wire stripper is lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for mobile users who need to strip small sections of wires and can conveniently hang it on their belts.
  • –Versatile Cable Compatibility: Suitable for a range of cables, including optical cables, double rubber wires, and sheathed wires, this manual stripper is user-friendly and perfect for removing waste wire sections.
  • –Effortless Stripping: Designed for manual stripping, this wire stripper is straightforward to use and efficiently removes small cross-section waste wires, providing a practical tool for various wire-stripping needs.