WIFI Smart Night Light RGB Color Changing App Control Rechargeable 2600mAh Battery Timer Function For Bedroom Hallway Cabinet Closet Stairs Tuya WIF version


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  • Tranquil Night Lighting: The intelligent WIFI night light provides perfect illumination for dark spaces while maintaining a peaceful ambiance during the night.
  • RGB Color Options: Select from color transformation modes or choose from millions of colors, including warm white light, to create a customized lighting experience.
  • Wake-Up Timer: Set the timer to wake up naturally at sunup, using soothing and soft colors to ease into the night and promote restful sleep.
  • Convenient App Control: Easily control colors, brightness, wake-up timer, and pre-set scenes using the dedicated application for convenient WiFi-connected operation.
  • Enhanced Sleep Environment: Enjoy a restful sleep environment with the night light’s soft and soothing colors, promoting relaxation and peaceful slumber.