USB Bug Zapper Lamp Electronic Mosquito Zapper With Ambient Light Fly Zapper With Handle For Home Bedroom Black charging model


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  • Portable USB Charging: There are two power supply methods, which can be connected to charging lines for phones, power banks, laptops, computers, USB sockets, etc. The 5V DC voltage is more energy-saving and power-saving.
  • Powerful Indoor and Outdoor Mosquito Killer: Super powerful portable mosquito killer, attracts mosquitoes through LED lights, perfect electronic mosquito killer, can easily eliminate mosquitoes.
  • Use Mosquito Killers to Prevent Bites: Quickly and effectively use the mosquito killer to protect you and your family from annoying bites. This is a small, can work anywhere, so you are not afraid of mosquitoes indoors and outdoors.
  • Easy to Clean Mosquito Killer: Easy to clean. The trap still has a ventilated design that is easy to clean. If trapped in the trap, you only need to swip them away with a small brush, very suitable for home and travel use.
  • Electric Mosquito Killer: The mosquito killer attracts and eliminates mosquitoes based on the phototaxis principle. It can be used near children and pets, making it perfect for you and your mosquito killer family.