Under Cabinet Lights Led Light Strip With 3 Induction Modes 3 Lighting Modes Strong Magnetic Attraction Design Cabinet Lighting For Kitchen Wardrobe Cupboard Space Silver 30CM 2LED


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  • 3 Lighting Modes: Short press the cycle switch for warm light at 3000K, natural light at 4000K, and cool light at 6500K. Long press in-cabinet light-on state for infinite brightness adjustment.
  • Long-lasting Cabinet Light: With the motion light being activated 5-8 times daily, it can be used continuously for 2 months. In Constant On Mode, the light can stay illuminated for over 5 hours.
  • Reliable and Efficient: Offering convenient and versatile lighting solutions, this motion cabinet light enhances ease and efficiency in various settings with its smart motion sensing technology and customizable lighting options.
  • Smart Motion Light: Equipped with three motion sensing modes – All-Day Sensing Mode (lights up upon detecting motion all day), Dark Sensing Mode (automatically lights up in low light conditions), and Constant On Mode (cabinet light stays on).
  • Effortless Charging Access: The robust magnetic design ensures easy removal for charging, providing a convenient and efficient solution for maintaining your lighting setup.