Square Hole Drill Bit Adapter, Drill Bit Fixing Bracket Mortising Attachment Woodworking Mortise Machine For Hand Electric Drill Machine Accessory Square Hole Drill Bit Adapter


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  • — Robust Construction: Crafted from great-quality cast aluminum, the square hole drill fixed bracket boasts wear-resistant properties, high hardness, and durability, ensuring longevity and reliability in woodworking projects.
  • — Compatibility Note: The square hole drill bit adapter is designed for hand electric drills specifically and may not be suitable for table drills or rechargeable hand electric drills, providing clarity on suitable drill types for optimal use.
  • — Precision Drilling: Enhance your woodworking endeavors with professional tools and the square hole drill adapter bracket, facilitating accurate and smooth drilling processes, resulting in precise and professional-looking woodworking projects.
  • — Quick Installation: The square hole drill adapter tenon tool offers easy installation and removal, allowing for swift self-assembly or disassembly, providing a fast and convenient way to set up your woodworking tools for efficient use.
  • — Size: The fixed bracket of the square hole drill bit supports the exposed clamping part of the electric drill, with a width of approximately 20mm/0.79′ and a diameter of 38mm to 43mm/1.50′ to 1.69′. Please confirm the size carefully.