Solar Water Wiggler For Bird Bath Water Wiggler Bubbler With Solar Top Board Water Wiggler Durable Bird Bath Water Mixer Agitator For Garden Pond Decoration White Solar Water Wiggler (battery)


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  • Solar-Powered Convenience: With a simple switch opening, this water mixer starts rotating in direct sunlight, offering an easy and safe solution for your water feature.
  • Sunlight Optimization: Install the water mixer in a sunlit area without shade, ensuring the solar transparent cover receives maximum sunlight exposure for efficient operation.
  • Maintenance Made Easy: Regularly cleaning debris and dirt from the transparent cover enhances charging efficiency, keeping your water mixer in top working condition.
  • Moss Prevention: The continuous ripples created by this water stirrer in bird baths help deter moss growth, ensuring a clean and attractive water feature for feathered visitors.
  • Bird Attraction and Garden Vitality: The dynamic ripples generated by the water mixer attract birds and add life to your garden, creating a welcoming and lively environment for avian guests and enhancing the beauty of outdoor space.