Solar Wall Lantern With Motion Sensor Waterproof Exterior Lighting Wireless Dusk To Dawn Porch Lights Waterproof Exterior Lighting For Entryway Front Door Garden CL118 (800mA)


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  • Smart Solar Wall Light: with features such as solar charging, warm yellow light, automatic dusk-to-dawn lighting activation, and easy wireless installation for convenience.
  • Charge-free operation: powered by solar energy, human body sensing, built-in battery, ABS waterproof design, intelligent control, durability, and an independent switch for user-friendly functionality.
  • Wire-free installation: allows for immediate use, adjustable lighting angles maximize brightness, providing efficient lighting utilization.
  • Wide-angle floodlighting capability: to illuminate large areas such as the entire yard for enhanced visibility and security.
  • Solar Charging Panel harnesses sunlight: for continuous power supply, enabling various charging methods for versatile operation.