Solar Wall Lantern Waterproof Exterior Lighting With Motion Sensor Waterproof Exterior Lighting Wireless Dusk To Dawn Porch Lights For Entryway Garden Dk888 (800mA)


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  • Weatherproof: and insulated for rain, snow, and thunderstorms, featuring a fully sealed ABS plastic body for durable usage in various weather conditions.
  • Wire-free operation: with adjustable lighting angles, maximizing energy efficiency and brightness for increased illumination.
  • All-weather protection: against rain, snow, and thunderstorms, with a fully sealed ABS plastic body providing insulation and durability.
  • Solar charging capability: enables outdoor work using sunlight for continuous power supply, ensuring sustainable energy usage.
  • Intelligent day-night recognition system: automatically activates the light at night, utilizing solar energy efficiently for bright and reliable lighting.