Solar Bird Bath Fountain Solar Water Pump With 4 Nozzles 2 Charging Methods 10 Ft Wire 10W Solar Collector 3-tier Waterfall Fountain For Garden 10W solar fountain


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  • Four Nozzles Included: In addition to the three-tiered waterfall effect, you’ll receive four different nozzles to customize the water flow patterns to your liking.
  • High-Powered 10W Solar Collector: With a higher power rating than other solar pond pumps, this 10W solar collector generates more energy for water circulation and movement.
  • Ground Stake Installation: Easily install the solar panel on a ground stake or securely fix it to a wall with screws for versatile placement options.
  • 10-Foot Cable Length: Offering flexibility in placement, the 10-foot cable allows for optimal positioning between the pump and the solar panel for efficient installation.
  • Easy Installation: Simply stack each tier together, place it in the bird bath filled with water, position the solar panel in sunlight, and watch the fountain start working immediately.