Slope Inclinometer, Multifunctional Angle Finder, Protractor Level Meter, Clinometer Slope Angle Meter, Mini Inclinometer Measurement Tools black


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  • –Special Acrylic Material: Crafted from special acrylic material with a mirror finish, this angle meter offers crystal-like transparency and high light transmittance of over 92% for clear readings.
  • –Pointer Adjustment Tips: In case the pointer separates during transportation, a simple adjustment can realign it for accurate readings, ensuring precision in angle measurements.
  • –Careful Pointer Adjustment: Follow the instructions to gently press and adjust the pointer to avoid any damage to your fingers or the iron core, maintaining safety during use.
  • –Simple Teaching Angle Meter: This angle meter is designed for easy teaching purposes, providing a straightforward tool for measuring angles.
  • –Easy Maintenance and Clarity: Enjoy the clarity and durability of the acrylic material, along with simple maintenance tips, ensuring optimal performance and accurate angle measurements.