RJ45 Ratcheting Modular Data Cable Crimper Wire Cutter Practical Eliminates Accidental Contact Wire Stripper For Cat5 Cat6 Cat7 8P 8C RJ12 Standard 7SQ-712B with clip


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  • Versatile Tool: Perforated crystal head and seven types of crystal head crimping methods, suitable for 8P/6P crystal heads.
  • Durable Construction: The tool head is crafted from high hardness and precision materials, providing lightweight portability, sturdiness, durability, and a long service life for reliable performance.
  • Eliminates Accidental Contact: Trim flush with the end face of the connector, removing accidental contact between conductors.
  • Comfortable Handle Grip: Designed with a handle made of special soft rubber material, this tool offers a non-slip grip and comfortable user experience during operation.
  • Professional Testing: Built according to strict quality control standards, improved design to enhance durability.