Ring Light LED Round Ceiling Board Lamp Circle Light Modern Ring Daylight Ceiling Lamp Magnetic Installation Ceiling Light Fixture For Laundry Room Bedroom Kitchen Hallway 80W [80 beads-diameter 30Cm]


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  • Energy Efficient: Provides a total of 2400 lumens, offering very bright illumination while saving up to 80% energy compared to traditional lighting options.
  • Global Compatibility: Equipped with an AC160-265V50/60Hz driver, the light fixture is suitable for worldwide use, ensuring easy installation and convenience.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Ideal for iron lamp holders larger than 24cm, making it a versatile lighting solution for a range of settings and fixtures.
  • Longevity: Boasts a long lifespan of 5 years with an average daily usage of 8 hours, providing reliable and durable lighting performance.
  • Brightness and Efficiency: With its high lumen output and energy-saving design, this light fixture offers a perfect balance of brightness and efficiency for various lighting needs.