Plant Lights, Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights, With Adjustable Gooseneck, 4H/8H/12H Timer, 5 Dimming Levels, Plant Growing Light, For Plants Seeding Blooming Fruiting 30W (two heads)


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  • Modern and Practical Design: Featuring a compact u00f8 98mm disk and a flexible 300mm hose, each head offers a sleek and versatile lighting solution that saves space.
  • Intuitive Control: Effortlessly operate the lighting system with an easy-to-use On/Off switch, 5 dimming settings, and 3 supplementary lighting modes to set the ideal atmosphere.
  • Lighting Options: Choose from Single, Double, or Triple Head modes and utilize the timer feature for convenient 24-hour cycle timing, available in intervals of 4H, 8H, and 12H.
  • Effective Plant Placement: Enhance plant growth by positioning the lighting system within 20CM of plants, ensuring extensive coverage with an irradiation width of approximately 20cm.
  • Plant Nourishment: Support healthy plant development and vitality with special artificial lighting, creating a nurturing environment for plants to thrive and flourish.