Multipurpose Electric Drill Bit Grinding Sharpener, Portable Impact Drill Milling Cutter Grinder With Diamond Grinding Wheel, Sharpening Tools For 2-16mm Drill Bits orange


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  • –Universal Compatibility: This multifunctional drill bit grinder is designed to sharpen all types of drill bits, including high-speed steel, and is suitable for 2-16mm straight drill bits.
  • –Easy Maintenance: The convenient back cover can be opened to allow for easy replacement of the diamond frosted pieces, ensuring efficient maintain of the sharpener.
  • –Enhanced Efficiency: Sharp drill bits ensure quick and effortless hole drilling, saving time and increasing productivity on various projects.
  • –Versatile Utility: In addition to drill bits, this sharpener can be utilized to sharpen a variety of tools such as cutting tools, providing comprehensive tool maintenance solutions.
  • –User-Friendly Features: With no lifting machine required, strong adaptability, and easy installation, this sharpener guarantees convenience and optimal performance when paired with electric drills of 16V or higher.