Meat Thermometer Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer With Touch Screen Probe BBQ Timer For Grill Cooking Black fully waterproof probe


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  • Touch Screen: Equipped with a touch screen and backlit large LCD digital display for easy reading and use. Set your desired temperature with the digital meat thermometer.
  • Meat and Food Temperature Measurement: Designed to measure the temperature of meat and food to ensure perfect cooking. Choose from 8 types of meat and 5 cooking tastes as needed. Features a stainless steel food probe and wire.
  • BBQ Timer: Easily track the time during the barbecue process and ensure everything is cooked to perfect with this thermometer. Switch between cooking/timer modes, serving as a countdown timer.
  • Materials: Made of premium-quality plastic, this thermometer is reliable in the kitchen, serving as a dependable tool. The thermometer beeps when the food reaches the preset temperature.
  • Convenient and Accurate: This thermometer provides accurate temperature readings for meat and food, helping you achieve consistent cooking results every time. Ideal for use in grilling, roasting, baking, and more.