LED Alarm Clock With Dual Alarms, 4-level Dimmable Brightness Digital Alarm Clock With USB Charging Ports, 12H/24H, Snooze Mode For Heavy Sleepers Kids Elderly White Chinese Version


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  • — Dual Alarm Function: Enjoy the convenience of dual alarms with 3 modes to choose from: Monday to Friday/Monday to Sunday/Saturday to Sunday.for versatile scheduling options.
  • — Snooze Feature: Easily grab another 5 minutes of sleep with the ‘SNOOZE’ button when the alarm goes off, allowing for a gentle and gradual wake-up experience.
  • — Large LED Display: Featuring large, clear numbers, this LED alarm clock offers easy visibility from afar, making it suitable for users of all ages, including children, seniors, and grown-up.
  • — Adjustable Brightness Levels: Select from 4 dimmable brightness settings to create a comfortable ambiance, with the option to completely turn off the display for a restful sleep environment.
  • — USB Charging Convenience: Stay connected and power up your smart devices effortlessly with the integrated USB charging port. The back hook allows for convenient wall hanging, maximizing placement options in your space.