Kitchen Counter Dish Drainers Dish Drying Rack Extendable Dish Racks Rustproof Dish Drainer Utensil Holder With Adjustable Swivel Spout Space-Saving Dish Racks black


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  • Innovative Expandable Design: Our draining rack features a flexible expandable design that does not compromise drainage efficiency but allows for adjustments to fully utilize the space above your sink.
  • Convenient Storage: No need for any complex installation steps. This product is hassle-free and supports instant use out of the box, making it easy to organize your daily essentials. The flexible design also allows you to switch the position.
  • Large Capacity: Our draining rack is designed to meet family needs, effortlessly accommodating 10 dishes as well as various spice bottles and baby bottles. The large capacity chopstick cage is a handy storage aid for daily use.
  • Rust-Resistant and Durable: Crafted from thickened carbon steel and treated with spray paint, the rack boasts enhanced rust resistance. With a strong load-bearing capacity of up to 50kg, the stability of the shelf is ensured.
  • Adjustable: The 360u00b0rotating drainage pipe design not only allows for directional adjustments but also enables expand ability to a length of up to 21.5cm, perfectly catering to varying kitchen space requirements.