Ice Cube Tray For Tumbler Cup 30oz/40oz Silicone Stackable Ice Cube Tray With Lid Extra Large Ice Block Molds For Freezer blue


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  • Compatibility: A specially designed ice cube mold that is perfectly compatible with 300Z and 400Z cups. This mold creates three large ice cubes to ensure your drink stays cold for a longer period of time.
  • Hollow Cylindrical Ice Block Shapeuff1a This cylindrical shape keeps the beverage cold for a longer time, slowly melting and diluting less.
  • Material: Made of food grade silicone, free of bisphenol A, flexible and elastic, and recyclable. It is super durable, a better way to clean and store than those fragile plastic pallets.
  • Easy To Operate: The flexible silicone mold makes it easier to remove ice cubes. Just peel off the outer mold, squeeze the bottle cap, and release fresh ice.
  • With a Sealed Lid: There are no more leaks or concerns about your refrigerator becoming chaotic! The sealing cover on this ice box can lock everything inside, so you can enjoy pure ice without any pollution.