Honing Guide for Chisels and Planes, Fixed Angle Knife Sharpener Tool Fits for 0-2.55inch Most Tools, Clamping Sharpening


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  • Enhanced Tool Longevity: This honing guide ensures more even and sharp edges by sharpening at a fixed angle, removing the need to manually search for sharpening angles and extending the life of your tools.
  • Adjustable Sharpening Angle: Easily achieve desired angles for sharp edges by adjusting the distance between the sharpening tool and grinding stone. The included ruler accessory allows for quick and accurate angle adjustments.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with chisels and planing blades, this honing fixture can secure most tools ranging from 0 to 2.55 inches with adjustable knobs and secure locking metal screws for added safety.
  • Convenient Widening Roller: The bottom widening roller enhances flexibility during the grinding process, allowing for easy sharpening of chisels with a simple back and forth motion, ensuring accurate and smooth results.
  • Multi-Functional Tool: This honing guide track is suitable for various tools including wooden chisels, planers, blades, carving knives, and more. It is easy to use and works well with both oilstones and water stones for versatile sharpening options.