Hand-held Deburring Cutter Deburring Tool Handle With 10 Pcs Rotary Deburr Blades Burr Remover Hand Tool For 3D Printing Resin Art Work NB1100 Bubble shell blue trimming


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  • Sharp and Durable Blade: Crafted from tempered metal, the blade is sharp, sturdy, wear-resistant, and durable, ensuring long-term use for smooth deburring of various edges.
  • Ergonomic Handle Design: The deburring tool features a textured wide handle designed ergonomically to provide a secure grip, easy control, and prevent slippage. The comfortable handle reduces hand fatigue and enhances work efficiency.
  • Versatile Material Application: Ideal for edge cleaning of various materials such as brass, steel, aluminum, copper, PVC pipes, automotive parts, gears, or any newly cut metal parts with metal edges.
  • Replaceable Blades: The deburring tool kit comes with 10 additional blades, allowing you to replace old or dull blades with new ones. Easily switch blades with a simple button press, without the need for power or compressed air.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for DIY projects and professional industrial applications, the deburring tool kit is perfect for home use, 3D printing, pipe applications, or as a mechanic’s tool in shops.