Electronic Digital Dial Indicator 0-0.8mm Precision 0.01mm Gage Digital, 240° Rotation Function, Universal Flexible Magnetic Base Stand Holder 0.8mm yellow BFB26


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  • Separate Gear Installation: All small gears are housed separately to maintain precision, with a 240u00b0 rotation function for added flexibility and accuracy.
  • Special Non-Magnetic Components: Key components crafted from non-magnetic materials offer high diamagnetism and sensitivity, enhancing measurement precision.
  • Dual Position Readability: The indicator can be easily read in both horizontal and vertical positions, with an anti-glare yellow dial mask for clear visibility.
  • Durable Aluminum Construction: Featuring an aluminum shell, this tool is lightweight yet sturdy, suitable for industrial use with a measurement range of 0-0.8mm.
  • Precision Tool for Machine Settings: This versatile tool is perfect for machine settings and general production purposes, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements.