Egg Incubators with Automatic Temperature and Humidity Control, 360° Clear Egg Candler Egg Flipper 18 Dual Batteries


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  • 360u00b0 Airflow Circulation System: Ensure even heat distribution and stability of incubation temperatures, ideal for incubating poultry and birds.
  • Constant Temperature Incubation: The machine is equipped with a guide plate to prevent direct blowing of eggs, resulting in a more uniform temperature.
  • Automatic Egg Pan: Automatically flipping eggs every 120 minutes. This can ensure a uniform distribution of heat and simulate the natural incubation process.
  • Humidity Control: It can automatically control the incubator’s humidity without the need for manual adjustments, removing the hassle of frequent operations.
  • Multi-Purpose Egg Incubation: This advanced egg incubator is suitable for a variety of poultry eggs, including chickens, ducks, geese, and quails, providing versatility for different breeding needs.