Dual-Purpose Tool Grommet Eyelet Pliers Kit Portable Grommet/Puncher Hand Press Kit With 100 Pieces Grommets For DIY Use Leather Belt Shoes Cloths punching pliers with rivets


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  • Quality Construction: The hole punch pliers are made from heavy-duty hardened steel with a sturdy cast aluminum jaw. The steel mandrel and anvil seat are chrome-plated, ensuring durability and precision with each use.
  • Scientific Design: The force of the pliers’ head is transmitted relatively vertically, optimizing the scissor-like punch effect. Multiple built-in springs help save you extra effort and energy during operation.
  • Versatile Functionality: Equipped with a calibrator and locator on the head for accurate hole positioning, these pliers allow for easy vertical piercing to create holes.
  • Easy to Use: Simply align the pliers with the desired location for the eyelet insertion and squeeze the handle to press the eyelet in. These pliers make it relatively easy to press into various materials with minimal effort.
  • Ideal for Home Use: These hole punch pliers are perfect for household use! They can press eyelets into a variety of materials such as fabric, leather, plastic, acrylic, canvas, suede, and more. ts,