Digital Wall Clock Led Digital Clock With Brightness Adjustmen Time Humidity Temperature Colorful Font Power Outage Memory Function Wall Clocks For Office Bedroom blue


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  • Dual Alarms with Flexible Settings: Set two separate alarms with options for single, double, or daily alarms, catering to individual preferences and schedules.
  • Power Outage Memory Function: Keep settings intact with power outage memory function, requiring backup batteries for uninterrupted functionality.
  • Versatile Placement: Suitable for various settings including study rooms, restaurants, offices, meeting rooms, labs, schools, hotel lobbies, and retail stores for versatile use.
  • Stopwatch and Countdown Timer: Enjoy the convenience of a stopwatch and countdown timer feature for additional functionality and time management assistance.
  • Colorful Display with Large Arabic Numbers: Enhance visibility with a colorful display and large Arabic numbers, making it easy to read the time at a glance.