Digital Wall Clock, LED Alarm Clock With Large Display, Remote Control, 9 Colored Ambient Lights, Data Cable, Brightness Adjustable, Wall Clock For Kitchen, Living Room color


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  • Enhanced Visibility: Featuring a large screen design, this device displays temperature, time, date, and day of the week simultaneously for easy reference at a glance.
  • Versatile Timer Options: Whether you need a stopwatch or countdown functionality, this device offers both options to suit your timing needs accurately and conveniently.
  • Ambient Illumination: Create a cozy atmosphere with the bottom ambient lights, offering 8 fixed color choices and 1 multicolor option, enhancing your space with a soothing glow (Screen color remains constant).
  • Remote Control Convenience: With the included remote control, you can easily operate the device from a distance, adding a touch of convenience and ease to your experience.
  • Adjustable Brightness Levels: Customize the brightness with options including 1. Ten levels of automatic light adjustment; 2. Ten levels of manual brightness adjustment; 3. Ability to turn off the display for optimal comfort and visibility.