Digital Tyre Tire Surface Depth Gauge Meter Ruler With LCD Display Screen Digital Tire Surface Depth Gauge Tool Tire Surface Depth Measurement Tool For Cars Trucks Motorcycles Black 40g


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  • Digital Tire Depth Gauge: Professional and Accurate. Light in weight yet sturdy. It is rugged enough to be tossed into a toolbox yet light enough to be carried in a shirt pocket. No fussy buttons! You can even conveniently carry it in your pocket.
  • Large LCD Screen: Featuring a beautifully sized display screen for easy reading, showing reliable statistical data. Quickly and effortlessly check tire surface depth.
  • Wide Applications: It is a perfect tire surface depth gauge suitable for various quick depth measurements. A well-designed diagnostic tool. The digital depth gauge tool is very user-friendly and can accurately measure surface depth.
  • Ensuring Safety: Quickly measure the remaining lifespan of tires at any given time. This convenient small tire surface depth gauge can accurately inform you of the remaining surface depth. You can replace tires based on the depth.
  • Easy Operation: Easily switch between inches and millimeters with just a press of a button, hassle-free. When using the tire surface depth gauge for the first time, be sure to zero it out for the most accurate readings.