Concrete Drill Bit, 7Pcs Masonry Drill Bit Set With U-shaped Groove, 1/4 Hexagonal Handle, Cross Shaped Tip Design, High Hardness Metal Tile Drill Bit 3-12 seven black cross


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  • Good-Quality Durability: The concrete drill bits are crafted from hard alloy material with an electrophoretic paint coating, preventing rust and providing superior hardness and wear resistance for long-lasting service.
  • Enhanced Chip Removal: The masonry drill bits feature widened threaded U-grooves for high-speed drilling, facilitating faster chip removal, preventing clogging, and ensuring smooth and efficient drilling to significantly boost work efficiency.
  • Efficient Head Design: Ceramic tile drill bits with a cross-shaped tip design offer easy positioning and increased drilling speed, reducing resistance during drilling for time-saving and effortless operation.
  • Universal Hex Shank: Equipped with 1/4 hexagonal shanks for a secure fit on drills, ensuring stability and safety during use. Each set of concrete drill bits is neatly stored in a convenient transparent storage box for easy organization.
  • Wide Application Range: This drill bit set is suitable for drilling brick walls, cement walls, concrete, tiles, wood, soft metals, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, bubble bricks, and more. Remember to use water during drilling for optimal results.