Ball Lamp Stage Lights With 9 Colors 600LM USB Interface Remote Control And Voice Control RGB Rotation Magic Ball Light For KTV Club Living Room MP3 9 colors


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  • RGB Crystal Magic Ball Stage Light: With high brightness and colorful romantic lighting effects, this light supports remote and sound control, synchronizing light effects with music variations for an immersive experience.
  • Crystal Stage Light with Speaker: Featuring a built-in speaker and a small USB interface, connect wirelessly to play music and create a lively atmosphere for exciting parties.
  • LED Globe Light: Equipped with long-lasting LEDs that emit low heat and consume minimal power, allowing for continuous operation throughout the night.
  • Ideal for Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, and Parties: Offering 9 colors that sync with your favorite music, switch between automatic and manual modes for dynamic lighting effects tailored to the occasion.
  • Stage Light: Stylish and lightweight design allows for versatile placement or hanging, making it the ideal choice for entertainment venues such as KTVs, karaoke bars, weddings, shopping malls, and more.