7Pcs Countersink Drill Bit Set, Heat-treated Steel, 1/8 Inch, 9/64 Inch, 5/32 Inch, 11/64 Inch, 3/16 Inch, 13/64 Inch, 7/32 Inch Chamfered Adjustable Drilling Tool Kit For Woodworking 7pcs with wrench


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  • Adjustable Holes Depth: Enjoy the convenience of adjusting the depth of the required holes with this versatile tool set, allowing for precise and customized drilling depths to suit your project needs.
  • Efficient Drilling and Countersinking: Drill and countersink each piece simultaneously with ease, saving time and effort while achieving professional results efficiently.
  • Robust and Durable Construction: Constructed from heat-treated steel, these tools offer superior strength and durability, withstanding tough working conditions and providing long-lasting service life for continuous use.
  • Variety of Drill Sizes: Includes a range of drill sizes – 1/8′, 9/64′, 5/32′, 11/64′, 3/16′, 13/64′, 7/32′ – catering to a variety of hole diameters for versatility in your woodworking projects.
  • Professional-Grade Tools: Designed for both commercial and woodworking applications, these tools are crafted to meet professional standards, delivering exceptional performance and reliability for a range of projects.