6Pcs Chamfering End Mill Tool High Speed Steel Titanium-Coated 3 Flute 90 Degree Countersink Drill Bit Set (6.3mm/8.3mm/10.4mm/12.4mm/16.5mm/20.5mm) 6pcs chamfer [136g]


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  • Efficient Batch Processing: The Chamfer Tool is specifically engineered for batch processing environments, optimizing productivity by streamlining chamfering tasks across multiple workpieces.
  • Seamless Integration: Its integrated design effectively disposes of debris during chamfering, preventing tool blockage and ensuring continuous work efficiency without interruptions.
  • Convenient Blade Maintenance: Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with the tool’s grindability feature, allowing for on-the-spot blade grinding without the need for tool unloading, enhancing overall operational convenience.
  • Application: It can process various soft or black metals, and the improved cutting edge doubles the service life of the tool.
  • Just A Simple One Step Process: the automatic through hole chamfering cutter can quickly trim and chamfer both sides of the drilled hole in seconds.