35MM Concealed Hinge Jig, Aluminum Alloy Hinge Hole Drilling Jig Puncher Locator, Woodworking Drilling Tools For Door Cabinets Hinges Mounting 35mm


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  • –Easy Installation: Quickly and efficiently install a 35mm hole opener with adjustable drilling depth for precision and convenience in woodworking projects.
  • –Versatile Fixing Size: The quick clip black pressure block can be adjusted to accommodate fixing plate sizes ranging from 15-25mm, providing flexibility for various applications.
  • –Simple Operation: Easily move the punching machine to the desired location, lock the quick fixture, and use an electric drill to create 12-13mm deep holes with precision and accuracy.
  • –Efficient Screw Hole Creation: After drilling the main hole, simply drill 2mm screw holes to the left and right for secure and stable fixation of hinges and hardware.
  • –Universal Compatibility: The 35mm hole placement, with a 5mm distance from the edge, is suitable for most common hinges, ensuring a professional and functional result in woodworking projects.