2 Slice Toaster, Small Toaster With Adjustable 6 Levels, Knob, Extra-Wide Slots, Auto-Shutoff, Stainless Steel 2-Slice Toaster For Breakfast Toast Or Sandwiches Stainless steel BH002B black 220V European standard


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  • Bake All Bread Types: Perfect for baking various types of bread, be it breakfast toast or sandwiches, this toaster excels in versatility.
  • Adjustable Crispiness: Enjoy crispy or soft toast with six adjustable levels to cater to personal preferences, ensuring the perfect sound.
  • Wide Grill Design: With widened grills, this toaster can accommodate both thick and thin slices for evenly baked toast every time.
  • Alternative Color Choices: Select from the option of black or white hues to harmonize seamlessly with your kitchen’s design scheme and personal preferences.
  • Simplified Handle Controls: Operate this toaster effortlessly using a user-friendly handle control, providing maximum convenience during usage.