19 Pcs Twist Drill Bit Set, Drilling Tool Set, M35 Cobalt High Speed Steel HSS Co Drill Bit Kit, 135 Degree Segmentation Point Tip, Wear Resistant Drill Bit Set 19pc plastic bag


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  • Flexible Applications: Versatile for handheld and fixed use, including drill bed operations, enhancing adaptability in diverse work environments.
  • Precision Split Point: Boasting a 135u00b0 split point tip for precise and efficient drilling, ensuring accuracy in various drilling tasks.
  • High-Strength Steel Kit: Tailored for stainless steel and similar high-strength materials, this HSS-Co drill bit set meets the challenges of demanding drilling tasks.
  • Wide Material Range: Suited for deep hole drilling across aluminum, wood, forgeable materials, and iron, providing versatility in material compatibility.
  • Tackle Tough Tasks: Capable of machining challenging materials like stainless steel and tool steel with heat treatment, showcasing reliability in demanding applications.