13pcs Impact Screwdriver Bit Set Hammer Screwdriver With Detachable Head Non-slip Adjustable Handle Wear-resistant Hammer Impact Screwdriver Impact screwdriver 13-piece


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  • Good-Quality Material: Our impact screwdriver set is made of chromium-vanadium alloy steel, known for its impact resistance and durability, ensuring long-lasting service.
  • Versatile Functionality: The impact screwdriver set is multifunctional, allowing for attachment of drill bits and sockets. The detachable head design makes it convenient to use.
  • Anti-Slip Handle: The handle features an anti-slip design for easy control and grip, offering comfortable and wear-resistant usage. The black section at the head of the handle can be inwardly pressed to adjust the direction.
  • Comprehensive Set: This set includes 1 SL9 8x70mm, 5 SL4+SL5+SL6+SL9+SL9 8x35mm, 1 PH2 8x70mm, 3 PH1+PH2+PH3 8x35mm Phillips screwdriver bit, 2 H5+H6 8x35mm hex screwdriver bits and 1 impact screwdriver.
  • What You’ll Receive: The set comprises a variety of screwdriver bits and an impact screwdriver, providing you with a comprehensive toolkit for diverse tasks and projects.